• Paul Lunny

How to generate personal training leads using Instagram!

This is going to be one of those articles that I talk about again and again as it doesn't matter who you are or where you’re from if you want to grow you’re Instagram and attract new clients to your PT business this is 100% the way to do it. The advice I’m going to give you here is my own strategies, but I scale this up by like a 1000 but here we go enjoy and let me know how you get on with this on social media.

Just FYI you need to be doing this like 100 or more times a day!

1. Post good content!

So, this might seem obvious but the number of people who post stuff on their Instagram that’s either not relevant just plain bad is crazy! It’s mental, I’m all up for being personal and showing that you’re an approachable brand or person but don’t put photos of you wasted with your friends on your business Instagram. Keep it on point, keep it relevant to who you are and your brand and your message.

2. Post relevant content

No, I’m not labouring my point! There’s posting good quality images, decent lighting and all that jazz but then there’s posting content that’s good. As in it works for you, it has a purpose. If you’re PT making sure your providing value to your audience with workouts, tips, ticks, recipes and portraying yourself as an authority adds amazing value. A must for this strategy though is photos of your clients so before and after photo’s and then also photos of you and your local area so people know you live in this town and your local Instagramer.

The timing of your before and after photos and client selfish is important here so just don’t drop them all on drip feed them and read this whole article before you rush into action!

3. Start engaging with your current client’s base!

Ok so this is where the hard work and hustle comes in. You need to start being everywhere on your Instagram network. Comment on your clients photo’s so that their friends and family can see you. Be a positive influence for you clients online like their photo’s and then start to branch out. Like their friend’s photo’s, go through their followers lists and follow people who meet your niche, the sort of people you like to train. Like their photos, comment on their content be someone they’re aware of.

Do this just after you post a photo of that client on your feed, so when they check you out they can see their friend and they know you train him!


Dan wakes up in morning and you’ve liked 4 of his pics and followed him and commented on one of his photos. He thinks who’s this liking all my stuff, he checks you out, see’s his best mate Chris working out on your feed, looking great and think’s so that’s Chris’s trainer, I wonder how much it costs to have a PT I could do with losing a few pounds. He then slides straight into your DM’s!

4. Start engaging with your local community

This must be the easiest thing on the planet! Head over to Instagram and look at the search screen, search for your town and any areas locally or places you know are going to get tagged and start engaging with people’s content. Start commenting on everything, you might be the only person who comments on some of these people’s photo’s and when they check you out and see oh this is a local PT you get a follow or some engagement. At some point if you keep doing that one of those people is going see your profile and think, heck I need a personal trainer, I’m going to check this person out! There’s your lead!

That’s why it’s important to have good content on your profile because if you’re taking the effort to go and get peoples attention if they then look at your account and it’s bad then you’re not getting that lead and it’s all been a waste of time!

Now repeat these steps every day for the rest of your career and you will be a player, you will smash it! You will generate leads and have amazing content and who knows I might even see you on TV one day as the next big celeb trainer, if that’s your goal!

If you don’t have time for all this, your struggling for content and don’t know what to post then we have a solution for you! My Social Media Agency Bee Social offers a crazy good package where will literally deliver you once a month a range of high-quality stock images relevant to your niche, all the captions and hashtags already to rock and roll, ideas for photo’s and if that wasn’t enough, we will then do this engagement for you! I have no idea how many hundreds of hours it will save you and pricing starts from just £3.30 a day!

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Now GO DO!

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