The Elite Sales Seminar


This has to be the most powerful training program I have put together, over 7 hours of content packed into one course to give you all the tools you will ever need to handle those objections, win more business and take your revenue to the next level.

Sales Seminar Live Dates

Please be aware that seats for our sales seminar’s can become available close to the date of an event and should enough interest be expressed for a particular date or venu location we can increase the size of the venue to accomodate extrea seating. For more information please contact us.

21st of July 2016 – Manchester (SOLD OUT)

4th of August 2016 – Manchester (SOLD OUT)

1st of September 2016 – Leeds (SOLD OUT)

6th of September – Newcastle (SOLD OUT)

8th of September 2016 – Birmingham (SOLD OUT)

22nd of September – York (SOLD OUT)

23rd of September – Reading (SOLD OUT)

28th of Septemember – Sheffield (2 Places Remaining)

6th of October – Manchester (2 Places Remaining)

13th of October – Manchester (2 Places Remaining)

19th of October – York (5 Places Remaining)

20th of October – Leeds (4 Places Remaining)

26th of October – Birmingham (5 Places Remaining)

27th of October – Birmingham (6 Places Remaining)

3rd of November – Manchester (8 Places Remaining)

10th of November – London (15 Places Remaining)

Take your sales to the next level with the UK’s leading sales training events! Real stratagies to improve your sales, increase your revenue and dominate your marketplace!

What’s included with “The Elite Sales Person” sales seminar?

Experiance in person The Elite Sales Person! Learn the sales stratagies that will take your business to the next level and increase your revenue to heights you never through possible. Learn from Paul what it takes to be a leader within your industry and take home real world implementable stratagies that will allow you to secure your future.

Included within your delegate pack is:

  • 8 hours of group training
  • Personalised delegate pack – customed specifically to you
  • Q&A Session – get real answers to sales questions
  • The Elite Sales Person Live – the latest chapter from the incredible book
  • Selling in uncertainty – how to be a whale killer in the age of uncertainty
  • Lunch, drinks and snacks included

The Elite Sales Person sales seminar overview

This course is designed to give you the skills you need to become the leader within your sales field, to supercharge your enarning potential and domiate your marketplace. Together in a class room enviroment we cover:

  • What is an Elite Sales Person
  • Understand the Sale
  • Who is your prospect
  • Coomunication
  • Selling through honesty
  • Understanding value
  • Overcomming fear
  • Objection handerling
  • Closing Skills
  • Follow Up
  • And much much more…