Elite Selling Basics

Elite Selling Basics

The first sales training created by Paul Lunny Elite Selling Basics is one of the most comprehensive and inclusive sales programs ever created. This course is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in your marketplace, to provide exceptional service to your clients and to dramatically increase your sales abilities. This course is a MUST for both experienced and novice salespeople, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Allot of people and companies make the simple mistake of training their staff to sell only one or a handful of products rather than training them on the act of selling itself. This course covers every aspect of selling and will ensure that you or your sales staff have all the skills they need to be a success. During the course, Paul will introduce the ideas behind successful selling before going through a step by step guide to the perfect sale. Covering tips, tricks, and hints by the end of the training video you will be ready to attack your targets and surpass your goals.

Over 5 hours of training covering:

  • An Introduction To Sales


    • 24/7 Selling
    • The Elite Principle
    • Understanding Sales
    • Products & Service
    • A Career Not A Job
    • Commitment
    • Practice, Practice, Practice
    • The 3-month itch
    • Time Management
  • Starting The Sale


    • Getting To Market
    • The Sales Process
    • Attitude
    • Early Mistakes To Avoid
    • Service To Sell
    • Staying Positive
    • Research
  • The Meet & Greet


    • Who Are You & What Do You Want!?!
    • Introductions
    • Useful Information
    • Dress To Impress
    • Amazing Intro’s
    • Disaster
    • Top Mistakes To Avoid
    • The SECRET To The Killer Introduction
    • Knowledge Is Power
    • Elite Fact Finding
    • History Repeats Itself
  • The Pitch


    • Why this product
    • Comparisons
    • Demonstrations
    • Selling The Benefits
    • Product Knowledge
    • Killer Presentation Mistakes
    • Selling You To Sell Your Product
    • Why?
  • The Close


    • Trial Close
    • Ownership
    • Find Objections
    • The True Objection
    • The Elite Closer
    • The Proposal
    • Don’t Make An Ass Of You & Me
    • An Into To Objection Handling

Take the first steps to ensuring your success in business and life with Elite Selling Basics, a completed education in sales, relationship building and success within the modern day marketplace.

I would like to discuss:

Who is this course suitable for?

The Elite Selling Basics sales training program is suitable for people of all sales backgrounds and those with NO sales background at all!

Who is this course designed for

This course is designed to be approachable no matter what your background might be, from beginners through to more experienced sales professionals the information contained within this training program will be real actionable content.

  • Business Owners
  • Sales Managers
  • Outbound Sales Staff
  • New Sales Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Telemarketers
  • BDM’s
  • Anyone who is employed in any position that requires generating new business!

What’s included within the course?

Take control of your financial destiny today with the Elite Selling Basics sales training course, included within the course:

  • The Elite Selling Basics Guide – a 90-page guide to accompany this training platform worth £35
  • Over 5 hours of video broken down into 5-10 munites easy to digest segments.
  • Follow-up questions for each section to help you retain this vital information
  • For the 1st 20 purchases a 1-hour sales & motivation coaching session with Paul Lunny worth £245
  • 15% off your next purchase or the value of the purchase redeemable against the complete College of Excellence