In-house Sales Training

In- House Sales Training – Elite Sales Performance

Custom designed In-house sales training delivered in the most cost effective methods. Your business is unique as are the needs of your sales staff and that’s why our In-house Elite Sales Performance courses are tailored to your needs and the specific requirements of your industry and products. Imagine how you would feel if your sales staff were closing 20-30% more revenue? How would that make you feel, what could that do for your business?

Paul Lunny has over 10 years experaince working within sales and over that time has worked in some of the most diverse industry types, such as Property, Investments, Media Sales, Internet Marketing & Retail and throughout this time he has consistently proven that his Elite Sales principles are the key to success no matter what industry he is working in or product he is selling.

Learn the Elite Sales Training Principles so that your sales staff:

  • Exceed Sales Targets and close a higher number of sales!
  • Learn to overcome the objections that are killing your sales team!
  • Understand their buyers needs
  • Adopt a winning mindset
  • Qualify leads more effectively
  • Kill off time and productivity killers
  • Learn to build relationships with clients
  • Learn the Elite Principles for higher sales
  • Increase their pipeline
  • Develop a killer sales script

Over 5 hours of training covering:

  • Cold Calling An Introduction


    • What is cold calling?
    • Cold calling facts
    • Why you really HATE making cold calls
    • Types of people who should be cold calling
  • Preparation


    • Know your contact
    • Doing the Maths
    • Making a list
    • Prep that will GUARANTEE your success
    • Know your script
    • Role Play
    • Understanding objections
    • Taking notes
    • 10 ways to ensure your success
  • The Cold Calling Process


    • The purpose of the call
    • Introductions
    • The showstopper
    • Quality information
    • The close
    • Building your own script
  • Objection Handling


    • Not interested
    • I’m too busy
    • Send me some information
    • I’m not the decision maker
    • I don’t have the money
    • I want a trial
    • You need to talk to the director
    • It’s too expensive
    • We didn’t use the last one
    • Already working with another company
    • Call me back next month
    • And many, many more!
  • Gatekeepers


    • Understanding the Gatekeeper
    • Act professional
    • Careless talk kills sales
    • The inside man
    • Power Greeting
  • Daily commitments for sales success


    • Winning habits
    • Personal development
    • Rules of the workplace
  • Advanced Cold Calling Stratagies


    • Times to call
    • Power of the text
    • The MUST haves of cold calling
    • Follow Up
    • Response time
    • Leaving Messages
    • Magic Questions for advanced selling
    • Research
    • Understanding your buyer

What would a 20-30% increase in your sales teams performance mean for your company? How would that make you feel?

I would like to discuss:

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What is involved in an Elite In-house sales training course?

Every in-house sales training course we provide is tailor made for the client we are visiting so its difficult to give an exact course breakdown but overall the courses follow a similar pattern. Where it be face to face sales, telesales or retail all you need to do is give us your goals and let us do the rest!

We then tailor the course to meet those needs with a real focus on making that goal a reality. What makes the Elite Sales approach unique is the level of aftercare and support we offer our clients.

A typical one day in-house course would look something like this:

Session One: Introductions & Elite Sales

Session Two: Winning Attitudes & Theory of Sales

Session 3: Sales Techniques & Follow Up

Session 4: Closing, Negotation & Objections

Session 5: Relationships and Q & A

Each session is around one and half hours with a small break between them and a break for lunch. Subjects can change slightly depending on the industry and products as well as specific requests with targeting certain areas of sales such as closing or negotiating.

All course materials are provided by our team and Paul will be on hand to make sure that each and every member of staff leaves the training with the tools they need to succeed!

Every candidate who attends one of our in-house sales training courses receives access to a custom module within the Elite Sales College of Excellence so that they can continue to reinforce the knowledge gained within the training days.

Discounted access to the Elite Sales College of Excellence are also an option and are advised to give staff ongoing and detailed sales training throughout their careers with your company.

What’s included within the course?

Our in-house sales training courses can either be run as a one day event with a follow up session or as more intensive 3 day course for firms looking to provide their staff with a complete sales education. If you’re interested in one of our more in depth in-house courses please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail. Price for our in-house training courses will depend entirely on the number of delegates and optional extras that you decide to take.

Included within custom in-house sales training course is:

  • An Elite Guide to selling your product – includes scripts, fact sheets and success guide
  • The Elite Cold Calling Guide – a 75-page guide to cold calling worth £25
  • Assessment Sheets for sales managers to measure performance – quantifiable sales results
  • FREE “Money Motivation MP3” – worth £25
  • Tailor made module within the Elite Sales College of Excellence – giving your staff long term support
  • Follow up video conference with staff – refresh their sales skills with a sales conference Q & A session
  • Huge discounts on our Elite Sales College of Excellence packages
  • FREE copy of the Elite Sales Person book