Sales Trainer, Motivator, Business Owner & Husband

As a sales trainer and motivational speaker I work with organisations of all sizes from small companies up to FTSE 100 businesses to help grow sales and revenues by giving staff the tools they need to succeed in sales and business. We customise our sales training methods to match the organisation we are working with and our sales seminars provide a truly unique environment to learn and develop in. I have worked with companies across the globe to deliver truly first glass sales and the companies I own deliver services such as training, website design and property investments. I am an author of top sales books such as “The Elite Salesperson” & “365! Commitment” and am considered by many one of the new leading sales and training experts in the marketplace today.


Paul's mission as a sales trainer

Our expert sales training & motivational programs will allow you to:

  • Take your sales to new heights
  • Increase your revenue
  • Improve staff morale
  • Give your staff the tools they need to succeed
  • Improve your employability
  • Provide success in excess
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How we work

I made the decision to become a sales trainer after spending ten years selling a range of products to a range of different clients. Starting in property and working my way to digital marketing I have sold volume and value and at every step of my career, the lack of investment that employers have made in their sales force has always been something that I’ve been confused by. The UK is shockingly behind the rest of the western world when it comes to things like customer experience, service and most importantly selling and sales skills. I’ve made it my personal mission to change the way people look at sales in the UK from those starting out in the career through to upper management.

Businesses in the UK will pay to train HGV drivers, first aiders, shop staff and health & safety but a shocking 53% of sales people felt they had not received enough training to succeed in their workplace.

A survey conducted in 2014 of 1754 sales executives, BDM’s and sales reps in the UK showed some shocking results!

  • 36% of workers have never had any training in their current sales role!
  • 18% of staff had only had 2 days training over the last 2 years!
  • 9% of staff had received 3 training days in the last year.

These statistics make for some grim reading! The most shocking statistic of all is that a crazy 33% of sales people have not read a single book or publication in the last 12 months to help improve their sales.

This accompanied with the fact that 69% percent of sales people said that they were either below or barely touching their sales target you can begin to see why I may have felt the overwhelming urge to do something about this situation.

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