25 Advent Calendar Ways to stay Focused this Holiday Season

As I write this how to stay focused article its December the 1st and for many of us we are starting a Month of shopping, over indulging and inactivity. It’s dark, it cold and will not stop raining, the gym has gone out the window and some of us are beginning to consider hyphenating. All this means it’s even more important in December to stay motivated get super focused and set even bigger goals.

We live in a world FULL of distractions which challenge out ability to stay focused on a daily basis and these can affect even the most successful people. When you’re throwing Christmas, Parties and New Year’s into the mix you can suddenly find yourself in a world of missed opportunities, and just frozen with everything that is going on around you.

Remember December is only 31 days! It’s only 1/12 of the year! We like to use December to set the foundations for the next year, getting ready, making sure to stay focused and we are working twice as hard to make our goals a reality. To help you achieve more this Christmas here are my advent themed top 25 ways the stay focused and motivated this holiday season:

  1. Set your new year targets, NOW!

Write 2016’s targets down right now, if it was December 2016 where would you be? What would you have achieved this year? Write this stuff down and begin putting the wheels in option to make this happen.

  1. List ALL your possible distractions.

Create a list everything that could distract you this December, being aware of something is the first step to preventing yourself from falling into the trap of being affected by it.

  1. Divide your time for each task

Break your day up into manageable chunks that you can action, knowing what you’re doing and when you’re doing keeps you moving. Remember idle minds cause trouble!

  1. Share your Holiday motivation.

Sharing your ideas with others gets the social commitment going, and those around you are negative about your hard work, that says more about them than you.

  1. Remove visible distractions from your workspace

Get rid of the magazines, the clutter and anything that is going to sap you of your focus. It’s easy to be distracted when the distraction is right there in front of you.


Don’t be a Christmas Pudding!

  1. Exercise!

This is a big one, December is such an indulgent time and its really easy to blow everything out the window. Exercise creates energy and keeps you focused, staying healthy is a vital part of being productive.

  1. Set bigger December goals!

The bigger the goal the more likely you are to take it seriously! Up the ante and set the largest goals in December you have ever set!

  1. Write down your goals!

It’s so easy to set a goal but it’s not real until you write it down and make it happen. Writing your goals down every morning and every night will keep your mind focussed.

  1. Educate yourself

Read books and educated yourself on goal setting, productivity and business. The more you know the more effective you will become.

  1. Stay relevant and up to date

Staying informed on a subject and checking the news is a great way of getting that one snippet that might supercharge your success.

  1. Change your perspective

This could be a physical or emotional change, move desk, change layout find some new perspective on your life. You never know how looking at your life in a new light might change how you live it!

  1. Do something new

Every December I take up something new to keep my mind fresh and active where others might be winding down. This year it’s learning Spanish, keeping my mind busy keeps me focused.

  1. Make time for distractions

The quickest way of going off the rails is cold turkey! I schedule down time with friends and family to make sure that I’m scratching that itch but in a controlled way rather than all the time.

  1. Find some competition

The quickest way to get motivated is to find someone who is of the same mind-set and set a challenge. Nothing says productivity than a good old fashioned race!

  1. Get Positive

I start December on an absolute high! Getting busy, and spreading positive vibes across the social sphere! The happier you are the hard you will work!

  1. Create a TO DO list

What have you actually got to do this December? Do you even know? Get down on pen and Paper what you NEED to do this Christmas and get prioritising.

  1. Set deadlines

Once you know you have a cut off point for something the sense of urgency can make you work harder than you ever realised. There will always be tomorrow just won’t cut it if you have a deadline to reach.

  1. Start as you mean to go on!

If you’ve ever seen Seinfield you will know “Don’t break the chain!” doing everything, every day and not allowing anything to break that pattern can take productivity to the next level. Get everything set for one day and start as you mean to go on!

  1. Be reflective

One of the easiest ways to stay productive is to embrace failure. Learning from each mistake and make just one small change each day is a great way to stay motivated and work towards your goals.

  1. Break your big goals into smaller one!

I always loved the saying, “how do you eat an Elephant? One bite at time!” breaking your goals into daily manageable chunks can complete change your perspective. Then all you need is time!

  1. Get the hard stuff done early!

It’s easy over the festive period to focus on the enjoyment going on around and move away from the hard stuff. Letting your hair down is important but so are the jobs none of us want to do, so get those jobs done nice and early and then relax.

  1. Tell your loved ones your goals.

Being accountable for your actions is important but so is being accountable for your inactions. Spread the word among those closest to you that you are going all out this December!

  1. Focus on the end rather than the now

One of the main things I have learned about success is no one wants to work hard but we all want the results! Focus on the outcome of what you are doing rather than the actual doing part and it might not seem all that bad!

  1. Do your goals excite you?

If you’re not excited by the thought of six pack for Christmas and I don’t mean the beer, then you are not going to sustain the effort required to get one! Your goals need to get your heart racing with anticipation to give you the lift you need to get out there and get things done!

  1. HAVE FUN!

Yes! That’s right my top tip this holiday to help you stay focused is have fun, enjoy the work and the time with your friends and family. No one likes a spoil sport, so get in the festive mood around all the hard work and time that you are putting in, and remember Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones, not about over indulging and pushing back responsibilities.

Well there you have a whole advent calendar filed with top tips to make December the best month of 2015 and supercharge your 2016! I hope they help you stay focused this holiday season. Follow me on twitter throughout December for sales, businesses and motivational tips to take your success to the next level.

Work hard, love the one you’re with and have 365 Commitment!

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