The Top 10 Modern Sales Techniques that will help you SMASH your revenue targets! PART 2

  1. Dealing with Rejection

Just as the apple falls from the tree, sales come with rejection it’s a fact! What most salespeople fail to understand is that rejection is a natural part of life and its one of the modern sales techniques they need to know. Rejection is just amplified in sales 100x over and distilled into a super concentrated form. There are hundreds of things that you reject every single day, people’s ideas, the news your bank balance! Understanding that rejection is a good thing is the first step to conquering it and making rejection a weapon for you to increase your sales from rather than it cripples you. Too many people take rejection personally when that’s not the case, someone isn’t rejecting you they are just rejecting your right now! Change the status quo and rejection can become acceptance but someone rejecting you means they have actively thought about your proposal enough to say no! That is not a bad thing! Know the modern sales techniques so you can deal with rejection and push through resistance.

  1. Second voice Sales, Third Party Corroboration – One is fun; two is true!

So often in sales, I hear people lock up, and the wheels business freeze and no one are doing business in those situations, and everyone has forgotten modern sales techniques needed to do business! Sometimes in sales messages can become lost, or your client can become desensitised to your message, just like a bad smell that you just get used to. Sometimes the clients own insecurities, and poor communication skills prevent them from being able to communicate with you, and this is where working as part of a team is invaluable!  There is nothing wrong with a manager just, or owner dropping into the sale and get the wheels moving towards a close. A manager isn’t going to undermine the deal it’s going to reinforce it, it will reinforce your message and bring everyone closer towards an agreement. Sometimes as a company owner it’s great to ring people and say “Hey look, why haven’t you done business with us yet?” The client might feel more able to speak to that second voice.

  1. Win the customer with Give, Give, Give!

One of the main ways we are closing more businesses now than ever before is love! We are literally loving our customers into a sale, and although some people think we’re crazy all I can say it’s one of the modern sales techniques that give us the edge! The Give, Give, Give attitude is one that allot of people just don’t have the motivation and putting it simply I think it’s because they are quite frankly lazy! The energy levels that have to go into giving so much to a prospect is draining, right now I am writing two blogs a day, tweeting, posting on Facebook writing a FREE sales book at that is going to be dropped on Amazon this week and pushing content onto YouTube, as well as writing out first Podcast. All of this information is going to be free, and so are our sales assessments. We tell the client where they are going wrong for FREE! All of this love shows our honesty, our trust and our commitment to winning that business!

  1. Understanding Vale

The modern sales person understands that value is the pinnacle of modern sales techniques, and how the value changes constantly. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I say the value is in the eye of beholder! I was speaking to someone about a roofing contract, and they were throwing figures around, and I’m sat there thinking £5,000 for a new roof, now I didn’t need a new roof, so this price seemed ridiculous to me but if the rain is pouring in from the ceiling you would probably spend five times that to get that situation fixed today! Realising that price doesn’t mean anything it’s just a number, and that without value your product or service is worthless. Adding value is what all salespeople should be doing every single day, building up their services till you reach the tipping point of the value service sale.

  1. Understanding True Objections

Modern sales techniques are less a complicated way of supporting your client into a sale, and the salesperson understands that an objection the primary objection at least means nothing if a customer says that can’t afford that doesn’t mean anything, neither does I need to think about. What the customer is saying here is back off, I feel pressure, I feel the commitment, and I don’t like it. What we need to do is get those barriers down by building on those relationship skills in the form real objection identifying. Why can’t they afford it is the real question? Have the purchased the product already; it didn’t work, and now they can’t afford to make the same mistake. Do they simply have no money and we need to look at finance options? Do they already own another similar product? Unless you know the second objection, you can’t close the sale and move the sale forward. At this stage it’s just like picking a lock, repeating the process over and over again till the client deal.

If you want to win in businesses and life sales training, and utilising modern sales techniques are vital to winning business and creating new opportunities. Closing business is important so your success no matter what industry you are in and becoming a smart seller will give you the edge over your competition if you are not already dominating the space already!

Work hard, love the one you’re with and have 365 Commitment!

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