The Top 10 Modern Sales Techniques that will help you SMASH your revenue targets! PART 1

  1. Be the authority

I always say to my staff or anyone I am training, “be the person, be that guy or that girl!” what I mean by this is be the hook up, be the connection, be the person that your client knows can sort this for them. They need a product yesterday they should come see you, they need something that you don’t stock they should come see you anyway first! Be the fixer and your clients will be climbing over themselves to do businesses with you. Modern sales techniques go beyond the days of sitting waiting for clients to come to you because they have to, the internet has killed the monopoly and created a truly global sales environment! Be the fixer and the authority, I like my clients to know that when it comes to sales training I know everything they could possibly need to about sales, and you need to be the same! Ask yourself do you want the new surgeon doing your heart surgery or the guy who’s been doing it for 20 years and its his LIFE!” My point exactly!

  1. Understand your customer

Who is your customer? Who are they really? What are their needs, what are their fears, what are their concerns, what drives them, what are their goals? I make this my main goal when getting to know my clients for the first time, because if I cam identity their needs the quicker I can match my services to them. This is one of the modern sales techniques that I think allot of businesses are struggling with because it doesn’t need to be a long and drawn out process. Your prospect will get board before you have the chance to do businesses with them.

This one’s for the recruiters out there, when prospecting for new business, “What is the main concern with regards to growing your talent pool that you are facing right now?” or “What is the main challenge that your businesses is facing in today’s economy” all these questions are going to be answered by your services!

The quicker you can do this the better ideally I would make this as simple as “Hi great to meet you, my names Paul, this is what I do, what’s the main concern you have in businesses at the moment?”

Great let’s do business!

  1. Information is the future Part 1

One of the major changes in selling in today’s age is information, the amount of it that’s available to your clients and how easy it is to find it! Now I don’t think this is a bad thing, many of the sales trainers I have listened to a scared of their client’s ability to research information on them and their services. In fact, it’s quite difficult to find information on some of these people which is shocking when you think about it! In an information age the modern sales techniques that you need to know about information is dint try to fear it or control it, let it help you! Fill the market place with content about you and your services, dominate the space you trade in, blogs, news articles, social media and marketing get out there. More information about you and your services the better! The more opportunity your customers have to know who you are the more opportunity you have to sell to them!

  1. More Information

Knowledge is power and nothing is more true than this in sales, modern sales techniques should be information based. Your clients are hungry for information about your services, and they need to feel safe that they have checked the facts. The Elite Salesperson should have all the information their client needs ready to go and at the front of their mind. Giving the prospect the facts in a clear and precise way will give them the confidence they need to buy from you. Uncertainty breads doubt don’t forget this.

  1. Always Make a Proposal, In Writing!

This is something that so many sales people I work with just don’t do, some industries are slowly getting wise to this and I know the recruitment industry and manufacturing trades have fully taken this onboard but in the industries I have worked with previously whether this be service selling or distance selling the number of businesses that do not put together a real tangible proposal to their clients is crazy! This is one of the modern sales techniques that you NEED to have set up and ready to go today! It’s something that I am constantly working on, and is based on the doubting Thomas principle if I can’t see it, it’s not real! Modern selling techniques dictate that you need to give your customers unique proposal tailored to them and their needs to give them the confidence the need to buy.

Part two hitting your screens tomorrow team!  Work hard, love the one you’re with and have 365 Commitment!



  • Sam Hooper

    Hi Paul! Love the site, I run a small start up making its first foray into corporate sales and this is so useful! Quick question, what are your thoughts on proof reading, making sure all the content I’m putting out is professional and represents me in the manner I want it to? Is it something I should make a priority or should I just wing it and hope that my modern sales techniques shine through and no one notices?

    Looking forward to your informed reply!

    • admin

      Hi Sam, thanks for the message. I personally believe that the message of your content should be strong enough to outweigh any proofing errors. Don not get me wrong for business proposals I make sure that the proposal itself is checked before we send it out and this would go for presentations but if you are selling yourself and your brand correctly then unless you are selling a proofing service then I wouldn’t worry to much about proofing. Worry about the number of presentations you are making and how many you are closing! Make sure check out part two of this blog, and if you need any advise just drop us a message. Good Luck!

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